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Connor Homes of Middlebury designs, builds, fabricates and ships all materials of their historical homes to the site. Vermont Country Builders works with the Connor's office assisting our clients in all details before ordering a package home. We oversee all subcontractors and assemble and build a turnkey home for our customers. This type of construction differs with stick-built as it is pre-cut and partially assembled. The greatest advantages are the repertoire of model plans to choose from and the reduced construction time.

Connor Home Construction 1. Foundation
Poured concrete walls on footings are insulated with R10 rigid foam. The floor material is compacted and prepped with insulation and wire mesh. If requested, pipes for radiant heat are attached to the mesh before the floor is poured. Shown here also is an open wall that will be framed in for a walk-out, as are pipes that are roughed for a future bathroom
Connor Home Construction 2. Delivery
Tractor trailers arrive with all the materials needed to frame the house. Pre-built walls and precut rafters are all numbered, color- coded and ready to erect. To complete the exterior, a box truck carrying siding, exterior trim, roofing, windows and doors arrives once the house is sheathed. If the customer chooses, an additional package for the interior including trim, stairs, flooring and cabinetry and doors will be delivered to the site.
Connor Home Construction 3. Cap
To prepare for the walls, the cap or box needs to be built. First the pressure-treated sill plates are carefully squared up, placed on sill seal and bolted and nailed to the top of the foundation walls. Next, floor joists rest on carriers that are set in pockets in the foundation and supported by lally columns. Plywood, or better yet, weather resistant Advantech?, is glued and nailed to the joists to serve as the subfloor deck.
Connor Home Construction 4. First Floor
Panels for the first floor are lifted into place, leveled up, braced and nailed off. When the perimeter is complete, interior walls are set, followed by the second-level floor system. The machine lift raises the panels onto the deck ready to repeat the process.
Connor Home Construction 5. Second Floor
This version of a "Sarah Taylor House", a full two-story colonial; if this was a Cape Cod style construction we would begin on rafters and dormers. Referred to as a 'story and a half', a cape's second floor is within the roof system. View from Rear
Connor Home Construction 6. Rafters
The peaked gable walls are carefully placed and nailed, followed by the ridge beam and pre-cut rafters. The gable end overhangs, or pre-built ladders are installed and the roof is ready for sheathing, paper, roof trim and roofing.
Connor Home Construction 7. Millwork
After the garage is enclosed, housewrap is stapled over the wall sheathing. Windows and doors are then leveled using shims and nailed. Unlike the insulated wood windows shown here with snap-in grills, Connor's standard window unit shipped with reproduction houses have simulated divided lites or SDLs. These grills are affixed to the inside and outside creating the look of true divided lite while assuring better U-value for energy efficiency.
Connor Home Construction 8. Exterior Trim
Detailed roof trim-including returns, facia, crown molding corners and soffits-have been primed and fabricated at Connor's shop for quicker application. The entrance trim surrounding the front door-simple or ornate-would be mostly assembled ready to secure. All cut edges of the trim and siding is touched up with paint as we proceed to ensure that the wood is protected on all four sides. Once the corner and frieze boards are attached, the house is ready for siding.
Connor Home Construction 9. Siding
Clapboards are nailed leaving the traditional 4" exposure to the weather. Customers have options of rough or smooth side facing out depending on the overall look they wish to achieve. In this case the hemlock clapboards were sealed with Cabot's Prime TECH® Coating System offering a 15- year warrantee once the final coat is applied in the field. Gable Side

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