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Specializing in fine country homes and rustic outbuildings, Vermont Country Builders has mastered all forms of house construction including conventional stick-built, panelized, timber framed and post and beam. Whatever method is used, the goal is the same-to create a handsome home that delights the owner and celebrates our skills.

There are many house and barn plans to choose from as well as the option to work up a custom design or work from your own plans and drawings. Simple lines, proportion, window sizing, and roof overhangs rank high on our priority list of important details. Cherishing our Green Mountains, part time vacationers often become permanent residents, and we are glad to assist with pre-planning for the eventual transition.

The building site will influence crucial decisions concerning placement and design as in approach, passive solar, wind protection, views and walk-out basements-as well as shape, height and vernacular. Assisting from the permitting process to moving day, our two decades of experience will tremendously simplify the process of this exciting endeavor for our customer.

Enjoy your voyage through our assorted building styles below; there is sure to be a style or two that peaks your interest.

Traditional Homes

Country Retreats

Construction area covering much of Southern Vermont
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